Dynamic Pricing Why Your Resort Should Be Doing It

From concerts to professional sports they have embraced dynamic pricing. You might frequently change the price of an item based on consumer demand, price fluctuations at a competing retailer, or even the time of day and weather conditions.

Dynamic Pricing Is Everywhere

The travel industry has been using dynamic pricing schemes for years. Any seasoned traveler can tell you that getting the lowest airfare often comes down to a combination of buying tickets on the correct day of the week, at the right time of day, and the correct number of days before your scheduled departure date.

How We Can Help

Epop Studio has a pre-built module, that allows you to easily add your products and offer a different price on different days. The system also controls the quantity. You can post 6 tickets at a really reduced rate, then 60 tickets at a different rate. Gives you a powerful marketing tool for social. You can advertise those limited quantities and watch the customers return again and again.

You are able to add/edit products as needed along with quantities and price.

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